Always Happy to Share in Your Business Successes

January 28, 2013

Threadstone Nest Drawing Our clients call us when they have something to celebrate — new deal, a product launch, a branch opening, all occasions worth commemorating for a long time to come. And there is nothing in the world like good news.

According to DealGifts Senior Designer and Customer Service Representative, Tracy Milowitz, one of the best aspects of her professional life is the relationships she has built with her clients. “We get to be a part of their happy occasions,” she says.

Threadstone Advisory, an investment advisory firm in the fashion industry, is one of Tracy’s long-term clients. They call her to create Lucite trophies when they close a new deal. And she is ready to help them design a memento for each event.

Threadstone - Nest - 2012-10-02 at 07-01-25It is refreshing when Threadstone calls to tell me about about their latest achievements. They know we will help them design a meaningful deal toy to share with to their clients,” says Tracy. “They appreciate our creative collaboration in the design of the Lucite, and they know we will provide outstanding customer service every time.”

The image above is the design of a recent Threadstone deal toy. The image to the right is the final product. Deal toys have long been popular in the financial services industries, and we also work with clients in a wide range of other fields, including creative, pharmaceutical, sports and many more.

If your business is commemorating an exciting achievement, please contact Tracy or any representative on the DealGifts team to help you design a custom Lucite award. We are always thrilled to hear about your business successes, and we want to be a part of helping you celebrate them.

And for more information about Threadstone Advisory, call Josh Goldberg at 212.488.0794.