DealGifts For A Global World

April 18, 2013

GAM0213Large-295x300It’s a big world out there, especially for international business.

At DealGifts, we are always excited to hear from our clients about their new international deals. We welcome every opportunity to create exactly the right deal toys to commemorate such accomplishments.

Sometimes a symbolic globe strikes the right chord for a client. The Lucite itself can be in the shape of a globe with a map of the world etched on it. Or we can incorporate maps and globes into a larger design, such as the spinning globe feature (left).

Clients may prefer a simple and sleek design, such as the etched crystal rectangle with beveled edges and a stepped crystal base (right). We can add a vast range of detail to any shape and create a deal toy that is unique and elegant.

Our teams in New York and London pay careful and diligent attention to every detail of each Lucite, crystal or resin design.

You can rest assured that the deal toy we create to recognize an important achievement will turn your closing dinner into an event to remember.

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