Infinite Options For Your Deal Toys

May 30, 2013

NSS126LargeDeal toys come in practically any shape imaginable. We start with a custom design based on your needs and ideas. Once we finalize the details, we send the specifications to a studio in Quebec, where Canadian artisans hand cast each and every form in Lucite.

They say the devil is in the details. But we know better. Details make all the difference.

For example, this logo-shaped tombstone flows elegantly like the initial S of the company’s name. It also includes the brand colors and details of the deal etched in black. It sits elegantly on a desk or a bookshelf. Crystal House DealGift 100 px

A client may want a deal memento that represents their industry. This transparent Lucite house deal gift is clearly, if you’ll pardon the pun, a representation of the real estate industry. A design like this detailed home is a perfect real estate closing gift for your clients.



A more traditional shape can be made into a modern closing gift. We modified a pillar shape to reflect the shape of the logo for this media deal. The back of the deal toy is frosted to highlight the text and the bright colors.


Some of our clients want to have a little fun with their bespoke acrylics. The wheels on this truck don’t actually have spokes, but they will zoom across your desk. If ever there was a deal toy, it looks like this one. admin-ajax

These Lucite tombstones are just a few examples of what we have made for our clients and what we can create for yours. As we always say, your only limit is your imagination. And, well, your budget. So let’s talk.

Contact DealGifts in the US or in the UK to begin creating your next custom Lucite award.