Order Memorable Deal Gifts In Time For The Holidays

November 14, 2012

279 large ice cube deal toy (1)

The end of the year is an important time for our clients. They are focused on closing deals. Many banks are looking at the end of their fiscal year and managing their budgets accordingly.

Celebrate your firm’s successes and the outstanding performances on your team. Show your clients how much working with them over the past year has meant. If you are planning a closing dinner or event with your team or your clients, now is the time to get prepared with unique and meaningful deal mementos, Lucite tombstones and other deal toys to present to your guests.

Order your closing gifts today to have them in time for the holidays.

Design and production of high quality and meaningful deal gifts can take a week or two. Our factories are busy with orders from around the US, the UK and Europe. Please contact us to place your order by November 20th, 2012  to ensure a timely delivery of banker gifts, real estate tombstones, or Lucite plaques. We can also help make sure this expense hit your books on time.

The tombstones, deal cubes or crystal globe awards that you offer will give your deal team a lasting token of your appreciation and recognition. Close out this year on a positive note and set yourself and your team up for an outstanding 2013!