Unique and Mesmerizing Liquid Embedments

June 20, 2013

EJL-130604-1048Think about how many products in our lives are liquids: drinks and other consumables, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and many more. Liquids are clearly big business. At DealGifts, we have created many different deal Lucites with liquids embedded in them.

We’re not talking snow globes here (although we can happily make those, too). We are talking about embedding liquids in Lucite! We created the one in the image above for ExxonMobile Chemical to commemorate a new industrial lubricant they launched. Liquid embedments are particularly challenging because of the heating process that each deal tombstone goes through. So we have to design the Lucite trophy to withstand the heat while maintaining the liquid’s properties.

While we never reveal our secrets, will will let you know that sometimes we have to design a liquid that looks exactly like yours but is not your actual product. If a product is flammable and cannot be heated, for example, or if it is a perishable item, we will study its properties and the way it moves. Then we will find a suitable alternative that will look like your product inside your deal gift and be safe to handle for years to come.

You don’t even need to have a liquid product to make a liquid Lucite, actually. Every financial or real estate closing gift we make is carefully designed in close communication with you, our client. So if you want a memorable real estate tombstone, deal memento or banking gift with a liquid feature, we will design and make it for you.

The thing we love most about liquids embedded in bespoke awards is that people enjoy having them on their desks. They look great, and they are fun to play with while you are concentrating on that important conference call.

Contact our expert design team today at DealGifts to start creating a liquid embedded Lucite for your new deal or product launch!

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