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Who We Are

DealGifts is the leading specialist in what are called tombstones, deal toys or embedments — traditional Lucite, resin or crystal trophies and awards that recognize major business deals and milestones.

We pride ourselves in offering outstanding customer service and providing advanced design capabilities. Many of our clients have been calling us for years, whenever they need a unique gift to celebrate a successfully closed deal.

Our goal is to help our clients commemorate their achievements beautifully.

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The Arrow Promotional Group

DealGifts is part of the Arrow Promotional Group, a family-owned group of businesses that also includes Arrow Promotional and BankerBags.

http://www.ArrowPromotional.com http://www.BankerBags.com

Arrow Promotional is a premier provider of corporate merchandise, logo apparel, premium giveaways, tradeshow handouts and business gifts.  Founded in New York in 1961, our “get it done in a New York minute” attitude and eye for detail now spans the globe. Contact us in the US or the UK:

Arrow Promotional US
Tel: 212.684.6400
Email: [email protected]

Arrow Promotional UK
Tel: 078 13 906 648
Email: [email protected]

BankerBags designs and makes the high quality, custom-branded canvas duffels and totes that have become the gold standard gift for clients and top-performing employees in legal and finance circles and beyond.

BankerBags US
Tel: (646) 395-5427
Email: [email protected]

BankerBags UK
Tel: 078 13 906 648
Email: E[email protected]

Our family of merchandise can satisfy all of your promotional needs. Just call any of our cross-brand Customer Service Representatives.