The Big Cheese

Company: Canadian investment banking firm

Reason to Celebrate: Major food company deal!

# of DealGifts Requested: 24

Budget: $$$$

The Request:

An analyst from the firm reached out to us, wanting to go as big and bold as possible.

The Design Process:

There were three parts to the deal, so we decided on a cheese board that holds 3 removable wedges of “cheese,” each printed with a deal tranche. Based on the amount of art, we spent a lot of time figuring out the best size for the board and each wedge of cheese. Initially, the board was made of wood; upon further discussion, we switched to a more luxurious-looking marble-effect Lucite. The final touch was to attach a real cheese knife to the board.

The Result:

The finished product was an attention-grabbing, interactive piece that will stand out on any windowsill! The client has since come back with more requests.

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